The Top 3 Options of Specialization in Technical Engineering


Not every technical engineering student wants to work after completion of the graduation course. For many, pursuing additional diploma in technical refresher courses is a better option. This is primarily because they can avail a specialized knowledge about the subject and can then opt for a career in technical or academics. This academic program lasts for 4 weeks and is open to students having a bachelor’s degree in ITI, polytechnic, B.Tech or a closely related field. Here we look at 3 of the best specialization options for those who want to pursue higher education in engineering:

  1. Electrical/Mechanical Engineering

If one is innovative in nature, and is fascinated by machines, then this is the best area of specialization. Of course, a sound knowledge of both Mathematics and Physics is a must for this program. Further, the students can learn several other interesting subjects, such as, Air circuit breaker, Ammeter, Interlocking in Electrical Panel, Lightening arrestor, multiplication factor, power factor and more. This course is not only a sought after discipline, but also offers exciting career prospects.

  1. Plumbing Course

This area of specialization deals with pipelines working and operations. This diploma program places emphasis on industrial or facility management factor, such as, flow of water, hot and child water including effluents in water. This plumbing course offers great job opportunities in the private, government and commercial sector.

  1. Refrigeration & Air Conditioner Repairing Course

This subject deals with factors helpful in the operation and maintenance of AC machines. In this program, one can learn the energy conversion and heat transfer. Owing to the high demand for heating and cooling systems across India and abroad, professionals specializing in Refrigeration and Air Conditioner engineering are offered high pay checks in the corporate world.

For those who wish to take up a diploma in air conditioner repair course, it is advisable to find a premier institution having all the necessary facilities. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and outstanding faculties, Adya Institute is the best institute offering Diploma in Refrigeration Engineering in Delhi. By conducting workshops and trainings, this institute enhances the skill and acumen of students, thereby enabling them to excel in the professional realm.

For more information about our Technical Training Courses call us at +91-8527499116 / +91-8527499704.


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